Monday, November 3, 2008

GlenXi, Inc supports the SOS protest.

Desert Dream, our last openspace on display, was delivered yesterday and we are not going to purchase another for display as we usual do unless its ordered.

GlenXi supports all the protests being made to try to find a different solution from the 50USD raise on tier on these islands.

None of the over 60 owners that bought Islands through GlenXi, Inc will be forced to leave them. We are doing what we can to try to avoid this raise and awaiting more developments.

We are accepting orders for openspace sims, you can name it and choose your location on the grid. As usual the service from GlenXi includes providing a shape for you island from the exclusive GlenXi shapes on display at our office or providing you with a custom made shape. We also have over 150 seamless ground textures, from grass to cliffs, beautiful sands and rocks and also fantasy themes.

Landscape items, if needed are also available from houses to rocks, waves, palm trees, trees, boats, ships, grass, flowers, lighthouses, birds, sea creatures, nature sounds we have it all from your favourite top creators in world.

We hope you are able to stay with us and enjoy your virtual life.