Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Homestead Tiers Will Not Increase

Dear Customers/friends,

Today is a happy day!

We are so happy to inform you the that we received notice from Linden Labs that the tier on Homesteads will be grandfathered at the current rate until July 1st 2010!

This means that all GlenXi customers/friends that own/rent a Homestead will see their rate remain the same for one more year.

Additionally all Homesteads ordered before July 1, 2009 will keep the current tier rate for one more year. This makes an excellent opportunity for you if you've been thinking about adding or buying an island. Now is the time to place your order with GlenXi Inc.

Send us a notecard if you have any questions or want to take this opportunity to connect another island to your existing one or just add another isolated island.

GlenXi Incorporated - proudly serving the SL community since 2006

Marina Xi / Philip Glenbrook
GlenXi, Inc