Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Desert Island

We delivered the Black Dove island and that also means the expansion of the island of Sta Maria that is so precious to me, this one made me really happy, ty Eva its starting to look amazing!

Pebbles Island :-) cute name and it was available! :)

The island OnceUponAtime...this one you should visit in a month, the team that bought this island is absolutely talented, and who likes medieval will soon have a new place to shop.

Last but not least Morabeza Weast, woot, that will be a gorgeous luxury place :)

Desert Island is still on display, just grab it or pick your own! ** Marina Xi

Too good to be true?? Come see Desert Island so you can decide for yourself, and if the lastest offering from GlenXi Inc isn't your style, just choose from any of our others on display at our office.

****UPDATE ON SALES **** Santa Clarita East, Santa Clara East and Willowrun Isle

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Moon Dance

Another stunning new design can be seen now on Moon Dance. Desert Moon was sold, but if you liked that design we can create it for you on Moon Dance. We also have many other designs to choose from, including beach themes, green themes, mountain themes or work with us to create your own custom design to match your dreams. Contact us, we would love to discuss your vision and answer any questions you have.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Desert Moon

Please visit our latest open space sim for sale, Desert Moon. This island features a stunning all new design.

LAROSAE, Desert Oasis and Risk City are the three latest islands that have been sold.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blue Oasis

This open space sim is open to your ideas!
Blue Oasis is a fresh canvas yearning for your ideas. Visit GlenXi Corporate offices and choose from any of our 10 exclusive original designs. Then work directly with the designer, Marina Xi who will customize it to fit your specific needs while you watch.

Just IM Marina Xi or Philip Glenbrook for more information or to arrange a meeting.


This is the beautiful island of Lusiadas, come bask in the splendor and tranquility our latest all new original island design.