Sunday, August 31, 2008


*** Sold September 1, 2008 ***

Vilamoura has been sold, as well as Lumiar, Meu Amor, Costa Vicentina and the island of Cabo da Roca which was gone within hours of it's availability.

Our latest open space island, Alentejo is for sale and waiting for someone special like you to make it a real home.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Guanahani was the name the natives gave to the island that Columbus called San Salvador when he first arrived at the Americas. Columbus reached the island on 12 October 1492, the first island he sighted and visited in the Americas.

Guanahani is one of the islands of the Lucayan archipelago in the Bahamas, but the exact island is a matter of some debate. The problem may never be resolved, as Columbus's original log book has been lost for centuries.

Guanahani can now be your virtual island in Second Life with 65.536sqm and 3.750 prims. Go and check it out here

(Winter Moon from the last post was sold)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Long time no post :) We have been busy, we sold amazing islands to amazing people and got as always involved in helping terraforming and creating the perfect environment to fit each dream. Moon Dance, Costa do Sol, Moon Glow, New Sunrise, Ethereal Sanctuary, Silky Moon, Alma, Tagus and Douro were the last islands that kept us busy for a while, and we received the most amazing reviews :)

[2008/08/02 12:03] C.Z: (Saved Sat Aug 02 19:56:44 2008) hey Marina...hope you are having a great weekend. Just wanted to tell you that everyone that I know who has seen the island since last night has raved over it! you did a tremendous job!!! :D

[2008/08/05 11:42] T.D.: (Saved Tue Aug 05 17:10:22 2008) Marina, you are a genius!!!! this is absolutely gorgeous...thank you

[2008/07/29 19:10] A.G.: you guys have done amazing things with these sims
2008/07/29 19:24] A.G.: i'm so glad there's people around sl who have some actual talent for this business
[2008/07/29 19:26] A.G.: and Marina you have the most awesome sims i've seen
[2008/07/31 7:52] A.G.: thanks :) you're landscaping really inspired it all though

Thank you so much ! This makes all the hours so worth it, really!

We have Winter Moon (I love this name) available, and as always you can keep the shape in display or change to a different one from the availables or just do your own design, we are glad to help.

65.536sqm ~ 3.750 prims